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You keep ownership of everything but have access to our expertise. You get your ebook on the four major retail platforms - Amazon, Google, Apple and Barnes & Noble. You have the little details handled properly without needing to become an expert. You receive 100% of your royalties without needing to lift a finger. Our platform is the modern, smart way to distribute your ebook.


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about this service

So we've converted your book into a smart-looking epub and mobi file ready to go. If you now want an easy way to sell your ebook with the four major retailers, then our ebook publishing is the right option for you. Below you'll find:

  • what's included in our service
  • the next steps

So if you're ready to push your ebook our to the four major retailers, you want to keep 100% of your royalties and get just a little help and guidance along the way, take a look around. And if there's anything else you want to know, just ask!

what's included in our service

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Your epub must have a different ISBN from your printed book, your mobi file will be assigned an ASIN by Amazon instead. Publish with our Wordzworth imprint and we will assign your ebook one of our ISBNs. If you want to use your own ISBN that's also fine but you will need to register yourself as the publisher with your national ISBN agency such as Neilsen or Bowker in order to buy these.

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Metadata handling

Every title needs good metadata. This data includes things like the book synopsis, author bio and recommended pricing you wish to send to retailers along with your files. With this package we provide access to our Authorzone where you can see all the details about your titles and set your metadata. Our help section provides tips and guidance on how to complete everything in order to make your retail listings as good as they can be. If you have a print version of the book then your metadata should match for both.

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Global distribution

One year of distribution is included in this package. Your title is broadcast to the four major ebook retailers Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Google and Apple. We do not distribute ebooks ourselves, we use Mint Associates who have years of experience with the major retailers. Once approved, your ebook will typically start to appear for sale in around 7 days depending on the retailer. Further years of distribution are charged at $80 USDa year.

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Royalty processing

We pay you 100% of the royalties for every book sale you make. Sales data is processed into your Authorzone once a month so you can see where any new sales have been made. There is then a four month delay before receiving the royalties for those sales as money is collected from retailers in order to be paid out to you. This delay is standard across the whole industry.

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Simple contract

We have no old-fashioned printed contract for you to sign. We just ask that you have read our ebook-publishing help page and click to accept our terms. Essentially, you own the rights and responsibilities for all material published, our agreement is not exclusive and you can cancel at any time, you must not use our ISBN to publish elsewhere and all publishing package fees are non-refundable.

next steps

Got questions? Of course you do, there's so much to think about when publishing an ebook! Luckily, after ten years in the business we know what we're doing. So just get in touch and let's talk.

Ready to go? Great. Now visit our contact page ask for ebook publishing and we'll issue a quotation to get started.