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It has never been a better time to self-publish. Our book design experts are the secret ingredient to turn all your hard work into beautiful printed books or sophisticated ebooks, ready to make their mark on the world.

So if you’ve written, or are thinking about writing a book, talk to our team. Our simple, affordable services allow your self-published book to look just as polished as any on the market.

We don't do big, all-inclusive packages with enormous price tags. Just pick one or two of our services to get started, and add the others as and when you need them.

Fiction book design being read casually in a coffee shop.


book design service

We turn your pages into a beautifully typeset book that is ready to send straight to print.

Pricing: from $400 USD

Turnaround: typically 7 days

Non-fiction book formatted beautifully in color with new chapter page.


book design service

We work with all more complex content, tables and imagery to stylishly present your message.

Pricing: from $480 USD

Turnaround: typically 12 days

Children's illustrated book designed in full color open in kids playroom.

Children's illustrated

book design service

Let our designers take your artwork and text and turn them into gorgeous, playful pages for print.

Pricing: from $480 USD

Turnaround: typically 10 days

Range of paperback and hardback full concept cover designs.

Full concept

cover design service

From nothing, have our designers create the perfect cover for your book to really stand proud.

Pricing: from $480 USD

Turnaround: typically 7 days

Book cover template layout on cutting board backround with metal rule.


cover design service

If you have a design but need your cover prepared for print with a front, back and spine.

Pricing: from $280 USD

Turnaround: typically 3 days

Range of 3D covers at different angles showing three dimensional cover designs.

3D image

cover design service

An existing cover turned into a 3D image for use on your website, social media or print marketing.

Pricing: from $48 USD

Turnaround: typically 1 day

Reflowable ebook being read on a Kindle ereader at a sandy beach.


ebook conversion service

Turn your book into a stylish epub for Kindle, Nook and iPad to maximise your audience.

Pricing: from $280 USD

Turnaround: typically 10 days

Fixed layout ebook of children's book on iPad in kids playroom.


ebook conversion service

Books with rich imagery and illustrative layouts need this different type of ebook conversion.

Pricing: from $280 USD

Turnaround: typically 5 days

ePDF with bookmarks shown being read on a large desktop monitor.


ebook conversion service

For books to be read on-screen or shared as PDFs via emails, websites or newsletters.

Pricing: from $160 USD

Turnaround: typically 5 days

POD books in a box for publishing with Ingram and Amazon KDP.

Book publishing

Ingram & Amazon services

We manage the whole process from printing a proof to making your book available online.

Pricing: from $560 USD to $1000 USD

Turnaround: typically 8 weeks

Kindle showing ebook with library of books in the background.

Ebook publishing

via epub retailers

Select this option and we'll list your ebook with Amazon, Apple, Google and Barnes & Noble.

Pricing: from $240 USD

Turnaround: typically 2 weeks

Book printed as part of a private batch of POD books.


private services

The perfect choice if you just want to print copies of your book for family, friends or events.

Pricing: from $160 USD

Turnaround: typically 2 weeks

authors our service

You have done an amazing, top-notch job on our work, Digesting the Universe! You are the most responsive and professional team I have worked with in a long time (even during my years as EVP at one of the world's top independent PR agencies!). So … many thanks for everything you've helped TCM World Foundation and Dr. Nan Lu accomplish.

Ellen Schaplowsky

Digesting the Universe

Because of Wordzworth, the book looks marvelous. It passed my wife's critical evaluation - and that is not easy to do. Again SERIOUS thanks. We'll be working together again that is for sure.

Bernard Poulin

Beyond Discouragement - Creativity

I am thrilled with what you have done for me! Thank you so much! My book looks absolutely incredible thanks to Wordzworth!!! :-D Yaaaaay! Thank you Thank you Thank you! I will recommend you to everyone & I look forward to having you work on all of my future projects as well.

Lisa Salamon

The Magic Necklace

It is awesome! Completely exceeded my expectations. I will be telling everyone how great you guys are to work with! AWESOME, AWESOME, THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Michael Carrington


You all have gone above and beyond. The communication has been clear and concise, and you have a great eye for understanding our aesthetic.

Joseph Carlough

Gruber SAT