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print management $160 USD

Once our team has turned your manuscript into a fabulous looking book, you'll be keen to get it out there! Choose this package to get your book in print so you can start ordering copies in a few days. Your book will be printed-on-demand with Lightning Source. We handle all the details so you can just wait for the package to arrive.

Understanding print-on-demand

Traditionally, books have been litho printed in large batches of thousands. The print quality is superb and cost per unit is low but it is a huge upfront investment. Enter print-on-demand ... the cheaper way of printing any small number of books. POD means when you place an order, your book is printed at the nearest location to you, bound and shipped to fulfil the order. So no minimum orders, no stock, no big upfront investment, no warehousing, no waste, no hassle. This modern print-on-demand technology really is a superb option for self-publishers.

Know what you're buying

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Complete print management

We manage your book printing through our POD digital print partners. You can use this calculator to work out costs so you can set your book price according to ensure you make a profit. POD book printing is now very high quality, but like any manufacturing process, it is not perfect. Books are limited to certain trims, bindings, papers and finishes, the last page of the book must be left blank for the printers barcode and books are printed to a specific level of tolerance. Should you wish to print your books with more than one printer please see our using two printers article for further details.

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A single proof copy

Our package includes a printed copy of your book to review. Typos and other issues tend to be much easier to spot in print, and color finishes will always look slightly different so this is a good opportunity to check everything thoroughly. Proofs take around 1 week to print and ship to your address. Further printed proofs will charged at a flat fee of $48 USD.

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Book ordering

When your book is finished it will be available to buy on our website within 24 hours. As the author you can then buy copies at cost price in your AuthorZone. You can also send your customers to buy your book at the RRP on your Author Sales Page. POD books are printed to order so once an order has been placed it cannot be refunded or canceled. Books will be printed and shipped from the nearest factory to your order in the US, UK or Australia. They take 1–2 weeks depending on shipping options.

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Change management

One other advantage of POD is that when any changes are made to your book, the new version can then be printed a shipped out to you very quickly. Design changes and print file re-submission fees will apply for each file so to make this cost-effective it is always a good idea to wait until you have a good few changes to make together.

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All the rights to all your material

Wordzworth claims absolutely no rights to the copyright or editorial content of your material. If you wish to take your book elsewhere or do anything else with it then you absolutely can.

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Help and support

We're happy to help at any stage of the process so just drop us a line. Our help pages also provide loads of helpful articles on topics from how to price your book to understanding book publishing timescales.

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Add $128 USD for extra print format

If your main format is paperback for example then you can add a hardback as an extra print format. We will then manage the printing for a reduced fee.

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Add $480 USD for litho print management

If you need over 500 books or have some more unusual production requirements then you may want to consider batch production for lower unit costs. We do not handle this ourselves but we are happy to liaise with any print partner of your choice. Please just ensure we have their file creation guides with specifications for bleed, trim, paper, color etc. Also, keep in mind that to keep a large batch of books from spoiling they will need to be warehoused in a humidity controlled environment until they are sold.

Print cost calculator

Our blog can provide help on choosing the right inks, paper, binding and trim size for your specific book type. You can then use our calculator to find out what your book will cost to print.

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