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supported self-publishing package $320 USD

Have your own Publishing Label? Let Wordzworth handle everything behind the scenes. Choose our supported self-publishing package and have every aspect of your book production, printing, logistics and distribution handled for you. Let our experts help with everything from selecting papers, bindings and cover finishes to book pricing, retail listings and gathering royalties. As the publisher of record you will just need to handle any registrations and library deposits.

What this includes

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You send us the ISBN you have purchased for this title through your publishing label. This is a unique identification number required for your title to go into distribution, see What is an ISBN? for further details. It is included on your copyright page and we use it to create a barcode for your back cover.

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Print handling

We don’t print books ourselves, but we manage every aspect of the print process with our digital print partners. Your book will be produced using print-on-demand technology. This means no inventory, books are simply printed and shipped once a customer orders them. POD is an industrial process with a tolerance of 0.0625in (1/32in) with most books well within this tolerance. Use our calculator to find the print cost for your book - this depends on trim size, binding type, paper type and page count.

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Proof copy

Includes one physical copy of your book. This is printed and shipped to your address to give you the opportunity to review it thoroughly before approving it to go into distribution. Typos and other issues tend to be much easier to spot in print, and color finishes will always look slightly different to the way they appear on screen.

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Retail listing

Distribute with 39,000 online global book retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters, Waterstones, Baker & Taylor, Bertram Books, Blackwell, Book Depository, and Ingram. Books can be ordered into 'bricks and mortar' stores but the store themselves decides whether to buy stock in. Timescales vary but in general it takes 1 week for the title to appear on retailer websites then 2-3 weeks for stock to settle down and your book appear ready to buy. First year of distribution included, future years charged at $40 USD a year.

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Cost price author copies

You will easily be able to order as many copies of your own book as you like, whenever you like, for just the cost of printing and shipping. Delivery times vary but general it takes: 1 week to receive your printed proof then 1-2 weeks to have a batch of books printed and shipped to you. Books are shipped from the nearest factory to your order in the US, UK or Australia. Express printing options are available for an additional fee.

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Wholesale order page

You will be given a dedicated sales page on our website where you can sell copies of 10 or more books to customers at a wholesale price. This avoids any additional retail markup from a bookstore like Amazon.

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Royalty handling

With Wordzworth you keep 100% of your book royalties. So for each book sold you simply get paid the wholesale price less any production costs.

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You handle the bibliographic registration of book metadata with all major global book databases including Nielsen and Bowker.

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Library deposits

You handle the cost of printing and shipping book copies as required by deposit libraries including Library of Congress and British Library.

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Change management

One big advantage to POD is that when any changes are made to your book, the new version can then be pushed out and be on sale within a week. Please note that each time your book files are updated a design changes fee (min ) will apply for the time to update them. In addition there is a fixed file-resubmission fee of for the cover and separately for the interior charged by the printer for handling the replacement files. We would therefore recommend waiting until you have a good few changes to make before updating your files.

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Help and support

Wordzworth provides supported self-publishing giving you access to our design, print and distribution experts for assistance in all aspects of your publishing journey. This includes answering questions like how to price your book or understanding book publishing timescales.

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Add $240 USD for extra print formats a year

If your main format is paperback, add a hardback as an extra print format. Includes first year of distribution. You will need to provide an additional ISBN as required for each new format. Future years of distribution are charged at $40 USD a year.

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Add $160 USD for an ebook distribution

Includes first year of distribution and an additional eBook ISBN. This ISBN must be different to your print book ISBN in order to distribute your epub and mobi files. Future years of distribution are charged at $80 USD a year.

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Add $320 USD for litho print management

If you need over 500 books or have some more unusual production requirements then Batch production maybe a better or cheaper option. In this case please speak to us so we can gather quotes and samples to find the best solution for your project. Batch printed books will be listed and sold by Amazon-only, any book warehousing costs will be charged separately.

How it works

Your book will be listed with every major online retailer including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Chapters and Waterstones. When a copy is sold, your book is printed, bound and shipped to fulfil the order. This modern print-on-demand technology is a superb option for self-publishers as it completely removes the need for any big upfront investment. No need for a large initial print-run or to pay warehousing costs — each time a book is ordered, it is simply printed at the nearest factory, how clever is that!

Print cost calculator

Our blog can provide help on choosing the right inks, paper, binding and trim size for your specific book type. You can then use our calculator to find out what your book will cost to print. You will need to know this in order to set the list price for your book. Please note prices shown do not include shipping as this depends on location.

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