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print management $160 USD

Not looking to publish but just need a few copies of your book printed? Using print-on-demand technology we can print anything from 1+ copies of your book and ship directly to you. No inventory, no warehousing, no problem.

What this includes

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Printer handling

We ensure your files are compliant and handle all the printing for you. Your book will be produced using digital print-on-demand technology. There is no inventory, each time you make an order your books will then be printed and shipped directly to you. POD is an industrial process with a manufacturing tolerance of 0.0625in (1/32in). Most books are well within this tolerance and anything outside this tolerance will be reprinted.

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Proof copy

Includes one physical copy of your book. This is printed and shipped to your address to give you the opportunity to review it thoroughly before approving it and printing further copies.

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Printing Timescales

Getting your proof printed and shipped can take a week. Once this has been approved then it takes another 1-2 weeks for printing of any further orders. Paperbacks are the fastest, hardbacks take a little longer. Express printing options are available for an additional fee.

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Shipping Timescales

Once printed, books are shipped from the factory nearest where the order is made. Factories are located throughout the US, UK and Australia. For example, for a customer in New York the book is printed and shipped from Pennsylvania, for a customer in New Zealand the book is printed and shipped from Australia. Express printing options are available for an additional fee.

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Add $480 USD for litho print management

If you need over 500 books or have some more unusual production requirements then litho printing maybe a better or cheaper option. In this case please speak to us so we can gather quotes and samples to find the best solution for your project.

How it works

You order a book through our online platform. It is then printed, bound and shipped to fulfil the order. This modern print-on-demand technology completely removes the need for any big upfront investment. No need for a large initial print-run or to pay warehousing costs — when a book is ordered, it is simply printed at the nearest factory, how clever is that!

Print cost calculator

Our blog can provide help on choosing the right inks, paper, binding and trim size for your specific book type. You can then use our calculator to find out what your book will cost to print. Please note prices shown do not include shipping as this depends on location.

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