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Focus your sales and marketing efforts and sell books only on Amazon - the world's largest book retailer. With Amazon's availability, state-of-the-art warehousing and fulfillment speed, there is no quicker and easier way to sell your book.

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Your books can be stored in either the US or the UK. All books are kept in state-of-the-art, climate-controlled warehouses. Monthly US storage is charged at $160/cubic metre or roughly $0.16 per book. Monthly UK storage is charged at £100/cubic metre or roughly £0.10 per book. Charges include insurance against loss or damage. Exact fees will be confirmed at the time of order. For books that remain unsold, Long-term storage fees apply.

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“Pick & Pack”

Each book sold is “picked” off the warehouse shelf and “packed” into a box for shipping. The exact fee depends on the weight and size of the book but for a standard book translates to about $2.40 USD per sale. Exact charges for your book will be confirmed when you sign up for our Sell on Amazon distribution service.

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Royalty Revenue = Book List Price – Pick & Pack Costs - Publishing Costs

Any print and warehousing costs are paid upfront. So for each book sold, you receive the book price, less any pick & pack and publishing costs. Shipping fees are paid by the person buying your book. Royalty revenue is paid on the same day each month. For more detail on royalties please see the Royalties section of our terms

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Amazon sites

“Sell on Amazon” means your book will be made available on either or and books will be stored in the US or UK as required. We will not distribute your book via other online retailers but you are welcome to sell your book by other means, such as your blog or at your local bookstore.

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For each book order, the pick & pack is completed in a few hours. The speed of delivery is determined by the buyer who can select from a range of Amazon shipping options - from Standard 3-5 days to Prime delivery next working day.

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The Wordzworth Difference

Sign up with us and keep things simple. You give us a few details about your book, we'll then handle all the setup and registrations. We will also collect and distribute royalties, displaying them clearly on our sales platform.